Feb. 26th, 2017

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He looked down at the scrawny little boy sitting in the dirt of the road. There was no possible way this kid called him. He was bony and his glasses kept sliding off his face. his shirt was thin and torn in places. he had chocolaty hair that was slicked to his freckled forehead in the summer heat.

" Child where did you come from," Frank asked from the darkness. He had been watching from the top of a small tree while the boy did the short ritual needed to summon him. Where in the world had this kid come fro? you have to find a dirt crossroads to even begin to summon a demon. and to get an actual devil you had to be across from a church. this kid smelt like the city and oh yum. panic and the sweet scent of sick flesh.

the kid jumped and scrambled away. now that he was standing rank could see he was bigger than expected.
" what kid, you went to all the trouble to get here you didn't think I would show up ?" Frank blinked his black eyes at him and smiled with all his pointed teeth.

youngster shivered but squared his shoulders and tried to look brave and tough. " what a cutie you are. " Frank stopped floating and landed behind the boy. causing him to spin around on his mud covered heels.

" what are you trading for darling boy " Frank leaned all the way in to touch noses with the young man. His black eyes gave off a bit of a glow and he knew it frightened most customers.

he just wanted to screw with this out of place kid.

" My brothers sick, no one is saying it but I think hes dying. " Frank smiled not such a selfish little boy then. he did so hate selfish customers.

" how do you know then kid. for all you know, he could get better all on his own and your soul woulda been wasted " the devil cooed at him. patting his sweaty hair.

the kid began to cry. assuming he was saying no " Please, I can't take that chance. it's not a waste to me "

Frank laughed harshly. even as his black little heart melted. " don't cry then little one. I was just screwing with you, I'll fix your brother and then in return, I get your pretty soul in about 15 or so years how bout that"

frank closed his eyes and concentrated. in seconds his job was done. the scraggly kid at his crossroads had gotten what he came for.

" tada. your brothers fixed kid. healthy as an ox " Frank didn't bother to mention he tossed in an extra bit of health charm. unselfish customers got extra when they came to him.

" thank you !" the kid cried again. this time he charged forward and gave the devil a big hug. rank protested demanding that he was scary and could totally eat him.

which was contradicted when Frank the bad ass devil offered to even send him home.

once returned home Frank figured he would leave the kid alone. He did have his soul after all.

Unfortunately, now that frank had his soul and had stuffed his fingers in the kid's brother to fix him. It meant that whenever the two did something that had potential to end in their deaths he knew about it


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